Wire Drawing Lubricants

Nutech offers water soluble reactive & non-reactive pre-coating products for carbon steel and stainless designed to promote drawing compound pick-up. Wet drawing emulsions for ferrous & non-ferrous materials formulated from synthetic oils, soaps and mineral oil. Products are designed for use on copper, stainless and high tensile wire. Dry drawing compounds are formulated from mixtures of sodium, potassium and calcium stearate soaps with performance additives. Products are designed for use on a variety wire

material grades and drawing machine


Pre-Coats: Water soluble mixtures for carbon steel and stainless with low humidity absorption characteristics that aid in soap pick-up. Formulated to increase drawing speeds and leave less residuals in the patenting process.


Drawing Compounds: Products are designed for drawing carbon, stainless & non ferrous wire wire-drawing-powderproducts. Drawing soaps have good cleanability & less residuals after heat treatment. Coatings have been designed to protect alloys & ferritic alloys against corrosion.

  • Sodium Soaps
  • Calcium Soaps
  • Blended Soaps
NuDraw 212 is a sodium tallowate lubricant used for wire drawing as well as yellow metal forming. It is a water soluble granular powder and does not contain lime, sulfur, phosphorus or chlorine. It is designed for high or low speed single hole drawing for all ranges of ferrous and stainless steel stock. Applications include copper wire drawing, bright basic, plating wire and solid & core weld wire. It can also be dissolved in hot water and applied as a non-reactive lubricant over various metallic substrates for drawing and extrusion. As a wire drawing compound it can be used as recieved in the draw box producing a transparent finish.

NuDraw 5000

NuDraw 5005                   

NuDraw 7000


NuDraw 1040C is a highly concentrated semi-synthetic copper rod and wire drawing fluid with better overall performance. Its unique additive package gives it improved lubricity, bio-stability, pH control and is clean running. NuDraw 1040C performes well in variety of drawing applications and water conditions.
  • Mineral oils                                                                   
  • Synthetic Oils


  • Heading
  • Shaving
  • Spring Forming
  • Quenching oils & polymers