wire AAAPhosphates, Soaps & Polymers


Phosphate Coatings:
Zinc phosphate coatings for wire drawing and cold heading. Crystal morphology which is ideal for shaped and round wire. The most uniform, tight-grained zinc phosphate coating with coating weights 800-1200 mg/ft2. A great choice for shaped wire and all cold heading applications. For use in strand and batch processing operations.

Heavy Zinc Phosphate:
Lo temp, nickel free, heavy coating zinc phosphate used for applying corrosion inhibiting and lube coatings to steel in immersion tanks.   Operates at 155 F.  Ultra low sludging, up to 75% less!  Immersion type product which provides coatings of 2,000+  mg/ft2.  Approved product for Chrysler PS-80 Fastener and Non Fastener applications.  Used in conjunction with oil to provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance and outstanding torque performance.  

Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphate: Micro crystalline zinc phosphate compound used for bonding rubber, plastisol and paint coatings to steel in immersion tanks.   A tightly bonded micro-crystalline coating is achieved. Provides typical coating weights of 150-600 mg/ft2.

Manganese Phosphate: Nickel free conversion coating for use on various metals.  Provides a lubricant break in metal surface coating that prevents metal to metal friction.  Used on cams, cranks, gears, bolts, pinions, etc. 


Reactive Soaps: Soap lubricant diluted in hot water which reacts with zinc phosphate coatings on metals to provide a superior metal extrusion lubricant.  Allows for severe drawing, extruding, and cold forming of metals. 

Polymers: Water based DRY FILM lubricant which imparts extremely high lubrication and anti-friction properties when applied to metal surfaces coated with a zinc phosphate. . For cold forming and metal drawing. Can be used on clean bare steel,  over iron phosphate coatings, zinc phosphate coatings and oxalate on stainless coatings.


Soak Cleaners for the removal of dirt, oils, compounds and residual phosphate. Alkaline cleaners for stripping zinc phosphate, stearate soaps and polymers coatings.

Spray Wash Cleaners that are low foaming for removal of residual phosphate, soaps and polymers.