NuFilm Series of Rust Preventatives

Solvent Based: Are oil dispersed, non-staining rust preventive designed to deposit a light dry film which provides indoor protection on sheet steel and other ferrous parts.  They will neutralize fingerprints and provides excellent water displacing characteristics while preventing the formation of black stains when parts are stored in contact with each other. Products are used as received and may be applied by brush, dip, or spray application at room temperature. Products are easily removed with alkaline cleaners, degreasing, or wiping with mineral spirits.

Pile of black oxide and oil plating bolts, a shop floor item

NuFilm NT5A forms a light, transparent film providing polar chemical
and physical barrier protection against rust and stain on ferrous metal surfaces.
The film cures by solvent evaporation and remains pliable so that it smears
with rubbing action to prevent breaking of film continuity.

Synthetic Rust Inhibitors: These water soluble based rust inhibitors are designed for long term protection of ferrous and non-ferous materials. They are extremely bio-stable and will reject tramp oil making them ideal for use in coolants and polymer quenchants. Ferrous parts protected with a 10% dilution of NuFilm synthetic rust inhibitor can be expected to resist corrosion for up to 1 year indoor storage.

NuFilm 500 is a unique, water soluble rust and corrosion inhibitor that is effective on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  This product is extremely bio-resistant and will reject tramp oils that interfere with protection.  Parts protected with a 10% dilution of NuFilm 500 can be expected to resist corrosion for up to 1 year indoor storage.

Oil Based: These products are designed for medium to long term indoor rust protection. They can be sprayed or dipped.

Heavy Duty Rust Preventatives: These are high solid heavy film forming rust preventatives.

Water Soluble Oils: Are water soluble corrosion inhibitors that are recommended for applications that require short term (1-3 months) to long term (12-16 months) indoor protection of cast iron and steel alloys. They are very low foaming and are an effective rust inhibitor at low concentrations. They are completely soluble in water and may be used as an in-process rust inhibitor for coolants or polymer quenchants. They form a near imperceptible film on machine parts for excellent corrosion protection without forming a sticky residue. They also compatible in a wide range of water hardness. They can be applied to ferrous parts by immersion or spray.


NuBlack 100: Is a blackening soluble oil RP designed to be run at 10-15% concentration for producing a black finish after nitriding.

NuTech Oxide Inhibitor 101: Nutech Oxide Inhibotor 101 is a water based rust and stain inhibitor for use on all metals. Highly effective for final treatment on Steel & Cast Iron, Aluminum, Zinc-Galvanize and Copper. Prevents streaks and stains caused by oxidation.