Nutech Bio-Based Solvent Degreaser: is a multi-purpose, heavy duty, natural bio-based solvent degreaser. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and VOC exempt. Removes heavy grease, oils and dirt quickly and safely. Use to degrease and clean automotive parts, oilfield equipment, machined parts, industrial machinery and other difficult-to-clean surfaces. Replaces and outperforms d’limonene degreasers and petroleum solvents such as mineral spirits and naphtha.

Emulsion: These soluble oil cleaners are for general use with ferrous and nonferrous materials. They will provide short term in process corrosion protection.

Solvent: These mineral based cleaners are for degreasing and cleaning of industrial parts.


Aluminum Cleaners: Nutech offers highly efficient non-etch soak cleaners for aluminum. Products are designed for soil removal without etching or discoloring surfaces.

Deoxidizes: Nutech’s deoxidizing compounds remove oxides and smut produces in cleaning and etching operations.

Etching: Nutech offers alkaline aluminum etching products designed to produce fine uniform etched surfaces efficiently on all aluminum alloys.

ANODYE BLACK 100: is a weather fast dye used to color aluminum for both out-door and in-door applications. It’s also suitable for producung dark green colors for shading.

ANODYE GREEN OD 34089: is a dye mixture that produces a military olive drab shade often specified as MIL 595 34089. This blend will consistantly hold color over the life of the bath.

Ferrous & Nonferrous Cleaners 

Floor & Maintenance: These multi-purpose cleaners can be used in Tennant floor scrubbers, mop buckets and hand scrubbers. They are specially formulated to penetrate and remove oily soils leaving behind a clean non-slip surface at low concentrations.

Machine Sump: These machine sump cleaners can be added to some existing metalworking fluids at low concentrations 24 hours prior to dumping.

Soak: Nutech soak cleaners are designed to remove heavy accumulated soils. We offer moderate to heavy duty alkaline soak cleaners for ferrous and nonferrous materials. Products can remove oils, grease, compounds, polymers, stearates and phosphate coatings.

Electrolytic: These cleaners offer high conductivity, low foam and excellent detergency. Products can remove oils, dirt, smut, drawing compounds, and lubricants from ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

Spray: Nutech’s spray cleaners can remove heavy soils from ferrous and nonferrous materials. They can be operated at a wide temperature range and are ideal for removal of quenching oils.

Vibratory: These cleaners provide excellent detergency and stable foam blanket preventing media sticking to parts.

Alkaline Derusters: Are highly concentrated alkaline cleaners for cleaning ferrous material and coatings. These products will chemically remove rust, scale, phosphate, paint, enamel, lacquer and oil.